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Summer Opera Day Camp Info


We are very proud of our Opera Unlimited Summer Opera Day Camp. The camp provides an enriching experience for children that is fun and rewarding. Many of our students return time and again and say that the camp is the highlight of their year. A large number of our students have gone on to major in music in college and to careers in music. Several of them credit our camp with inspiring them to pursue their music careers.

We expect our 20th Opera Unlimited Summer Youth Opera Camp in 2021 will feature two short (~40 minute) operas:

The first is Hans Krasa's Brundibar, a historically significant children's opera written just before World War II. The opera became famous because of the performances by children at the Terensienstadt (Terenzin) concentration camp to which Krasa had been sent. Krasa was ultimately killed in Auschwitz in 1944, but the performances at Terenzin continued. This charming opera has solo lines for many actors. We envision having our younger children performing most of these parts. We presented Brundibar in 2006.

A story from 60 Minutes about Brundibar:

The 2nd opera will be Gilbert and Sullivan's Trial By Jury. This is a very funny short opera with wonderful music and NO dialogue. We expect that the solo parts will be manned mostly by older children.

A summary of the plot of Trial By Jury is available from the Gilbert and Sullivan Archive here.

A photo from our 2019 presentation of Gilbert and Sullivan's Iolanthe.

For further information, please contact Jane or Cy at 505 690 1345 / 505 690 5535 or email us at choffman9@comcast.net.